Tractor Trailer Accidents


Drivers of trucks and tractor trailers are often required to drive long distances with very little sleep. Impaired driving due to lack of sleep creates a hazard for other drivers on the road, especially when the driver in question is behind the wheel of a large truck. Trucking negligence attributed to lack of sleep can result in serious personal injury or even wrongful death, and leaves countless Northern Virginia residents harmed each year.

If you have been in a truck accident and believe the driver was driving drowsy, you may be facing mounting medical bills and lost wages, and require painful and costly treatment. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney with experience handling tractor trailer accidents can help you pursue fair compensation for your injuries. Serving Manassas, Fairfax, Stafford, Woodbridge, and other communities throughout Northern Virginia, personal injury lawyer Michal N. Driscoll, P.C., is ready to stand in your corner and help you fight for justice.

Truck driver impairment in Virginia

Lack of sleep is common in the trucking industry, which often needs its drivers to drive long distances with few breaks. Virginia state law has become increasingly punitive for drowsy drivers, and with good reason. Driving drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, leading to catastrophic tractor trailer accidents and seriously injuring other drivers.

Dealing with insurance companies after a tractor trailer accident

Following a trucking accident, insurance companies will often send you a "one-time" settlement offer. These offers are designed to pressure truck accident victims into accepting less than they could potentially get with help from a truck accident lawyer, and sign away their right to pursue further compensation in the future.

Before you accept any settlement offer from an insurance company for your truck accident injuries, it is wise to have your case reviewed by a skilled tractor trailer accident attorney. Since personal injury attorney Michael N. Driscoll, P.C., offers free initial consultations to all victims of trucking accidents, you have nothing to lose by consulting with a top Northern Virginia personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company.

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Added stress is the last thing you need while you heal from your truck accident injuries. When you retain the services of Prince William County tractor trailer accident lawyer Michael N. Driscoll, P.C., he'll make the personal injury litigation process as quick and painless as possible, acting as your representative to the insurance companies as you pursue fair compensation.

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