Surgical Errors

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Of Manassas Representing The Victims Of Surgical Mistakes

Personal injury and medical malpractice attorney Michael N. Driscoll of Prince William County assists the victims of surgical errors in recovering monetary damages for their injuries. Regardless of whether a surgery is elective, semi-elective, or urgent, there is always an expectation that the doctors, anesthesiologists, and surgical nurses who will be performing the operation are highly trained medical professionals with relevant experience. But even the best surgeons are susceptible to making mistakes—very often to the detriment of the patients who are lying on the tables in front of them. If you have been the victim of a surgical error or an operation that went wrong, contact malpractice litigation lawyer Michael N. Driscoll to discuss your case.

Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Surgical Errors in Northern VA

Personal injury litigation attorney Michael N. Driscoll represents clients who have been the victims of surgical accidents. Actionable surgical errors can include:

  • Nicked veins or arteries
  • Improperly seated implants
  • Defective surgical implants
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Implements left inside of patients
  • Post-op infections
  • Improperly performing a procedure
  • Performing the wrong medical procedure

Before you have any operation, your doctor should provide for you a risk-benefit analysis. While there are rarely any guarantees—and doctors are usually very clear on this point—you should be informed of the worst-case scenario if the procedure is done properly. Complications due to human error, however, should never be factored into the equation.

If you have had a medical operation in Prince William, Fairfax, Arlington, Fauquier, Loudoun or anywhere else in northern Virginia, and your surgical team made a mistake, you may be entitled to a sizable settlement from your doctor's insurer.

Professional Medical Malpractice Lawyer of Manassas

The victims of surgical errors often suffer additional medical expenses, lost wages, diminished work capacity, a reduction in their quality of life, and pain and suffering. Unfortunately, most medical malpractice insurers are reluctant to admit a surgical error, and even when they do, their settlement offers fall short of total remuneration. To receive full compensation under, contact an attorney with a proven record of success when it comes to litigating and negotiating large jury awards and settlements. Because attorney Driscoll works on a contingency basis, your legal fees will be deducted from the settlement or jury award.

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