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All drugs and medicine sold in the U.S., both over-the-counter and by prescription must be researched and tested by manufacturers before they can become available to the public. The tests must conform to the rules and regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration. Just because a drug met the standards of the FDA does not mean that the manufacturer of the drug cannot be held liable in a drug product liability case if the drug is defective or caused harm to someone who took it.

Who is Responsible?

There are a number of individuals who could be held liable in a dangerous drug case in Virginia, including:

  • The manufacturer of the drug
  • The doctor who prescribed it
  • A nurse who instructed a patient regarding usage of the drug
  • The pharmacist who filled a prescription for the drug and supplied it to the patient, along with recommendations for taking it

The manufacturers of any drugs have a duty to warn the public regarding any known possible side effects that the drug might cause to those who take it, but they are not expected to issue warnings about any unknown dangers. Sometimes, a drug manufacturer will warn doctors and pharmacists about the possible dangers associated with taking a certain drug; it then becomes the duty of the doctor or pharmacist to communicate to patients about possible harmful side effects.

Unavoidably Unsafe Drugs

Some drugs are extremely beneficial to patients, but also have harmful side effects, and it is not possible to make them completely safe to the public. If these drugs are manufactured according to FDA standards and marked with proper warnings when they are sold, they cannot usually be the basis of a dangerous drug case.

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