Wrongful Death

Legal Help When a Loved One Has Died

If you have lost a loved one in an accident, we offer our condolences for your loss. Nothing can replace the person who has been taken from you. However, there may be circumstances where a lawyer can help you get needed financial help through this difficult period.

We can help you pursue any compensation you may deserve under the law of wrongful death. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with experienced Virginia wrongful death attorney Michael N. Driscoll.

Seeking Compensation for Families Under Virginia Law

Wrongful death is a unique area of law created by state legislatures to fill a gap in traditional personal injury law where the injured person has died under certain circumstances.

Under Virginia's wrongful death statute, the family members of someone killed in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other accident can pursue claims for loss of support, medical and funeral expenses, and other costs that create burdens for families trying to deal with the loss of a loved one.

From our office in Manassas across from the Prince William County courthouse, we help clients throughout Northern Virginia pursue wrongful death claims. We understand the unique issues that arise in wrongful death cases, and we are fully prepared to pursue these claims. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Pursuing the Claims of Deceased Accident Victims

Sometimes, a person is severely injured in an accident but dies from other causes before he or she has the opportunity to pursue a personal injury claim. As a result, the deceased person's estate that remains to be passed on may be smaller due to medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

Under Virginia's survivorship law, the estate may pursue the personal injury claim of the deceased person. We are prepared to help estate administrators bring these claims.