Dangerous Products

Fairfax, VA Product Liability Attorney Gets Compensation for Clients Injured by Dangerous Products

There is an element of trust when we go to the store and buy, or order, a product. We assume that something on the market will be safe for our use. But this assumption is a fallacy. All too often, products are defective and dangerous, resulting in injury, and sometimes, death. Product liability lawsuits serve a very important purpose: to make the world safer and to place pressure on companies to create safer products. Northern Virginia product liability attorney Michael N. Driscoll, P.C., works to make sure that dangerous products are removed from the marketplace so they don't cause additional injuries or sickness to unsuspecting consumers, and to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you are a victim, injured or suffered loss, as a result of using a defective product Email Michael N. Driscoll or call 703-659-4423.

Companies like to fight charges of dangerous products because to admit to selling defective products makes them look bad: the company loses millions in potential sales, and would be legally liable for the harm inflicted on users and customers. As a result, manufacturers and their lawyers make it very difficult for people who have been harmed by products to receive compensation for damages. However, a qualified product liability lawyer knows the big companies strategies to fighting the necessary payment to injured consumers, and Manassas Dangerous Product Lawyer Michael N. Driscoll has the experience you need to win in court.

Sometimes a product becomes hazardous if the operating instructions are incorrect or the label doesn't reflect the potential for adverse effects. These faulty products may include:

  • computers, laptops, and technological equipment
  • medical devices
  • implants and other cosmetic surgery items
  • electronics
  • medicines and prescription drugs
  • cleaners, chemicals, and solvents
  • amusement park attractions and carnival rides
  • machinery and tools
  • automobiles, boats, personal watercraft, and recreational vehicles
  • produce and foods sold in grocery stores and restaurants
  • large and small appliances
  • toys
  • baby and nursery products

Unfortunately, some product defects can result in an accidental death. If you have lost a loved one because of a product or manufacturing defect, you may have a wrongful death case. From his Prince William County Law Office, Defective Product Attorney Michael N. Driscoll has spent over 20 years helping personal injury victims improve their lives in the aftermath of preventable accidents.

If you were harmed because of a defective product, please contact him at his Fairfax, Virginia office as soon as possible at (703) 659-4423 to begin building a strong product liability case. Call today.